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Selling Saiyuki manga

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Hi guys!

I'm cleaning out the extra copies I have on my shelf, so I'm putting the following up for sale:

Saiyuki #1 - 9 in Chinese (Enix covers)
Saiyuki #9 in Japanese (Enix cover)

Saiyuki RELOAD #1 - 4 in EITHER Chinese or Japanese (I'm willing to sell one set but not the other)
Saiyuki RELOAD #1 in Japanese (this being an extra copy)

Saiyuki Novel #1 and #2 in Chinese

Each volume is going for US $5 per, discounting shipping (estimated at about US $8 per book to the US by normal air mail).

All copies are in excellent condition. If you need more information about the publisher, I'll be happy to check and look for pictures.

Also, would anyone be interested in Salty Dog #1 and #2 and the REQUIEM movie guide ('Visual Companion)? (In Japanese, of course). Those will be going for a slightly higher asking price, but I'd like to gauge response first.

I accept paypal and credit card via paypal ^^;
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