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I'm not an author? Whut?

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Well, I've gotten several emails on this question, so I guess I'd better address it here!

As you guys know, EftW switched its code last week or so. Several changes occured.

1. Authors vs members
If you click on authors, it defaults to a page that shows people who have at least one fic on the archive ("authors"). In order to see the names of people without fictions, use the drop-down menu to select "All members".

2. My account vs account info
'My account' has been renamed to Account Info. All the revelant links are still there. The only difference is the addition of 'Add a new series' or 'Edit a series'. Serieses are ... as the name implies ... serieses. I believe they act like standard fictions, except that you can allow other authors to add to it. Otherwise, everything remains the same.

Again, I'm still debugging, so if you encounter any problems (like being unable to upload fics, formatting messed up on your fics, etcetc) please email me or drop a comment here! Thanks!
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