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Echoes from the West forums

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Echoes from the West
Is a Saiyuki fanfiction archive established in 2004, and happily rocking its way towards 400 hosted fanfictions and beyond.
Is a slash (and femslash) friendly archive.
Is a screened archive with the aim of providing quality fanfictions to the Saiyuki community.

The LJ community
Is designed to as a forum for EftW readers and authors (and everyone else!) to interact,
To discuss fanfics, Saiyuki, and writing in general,
To ask for and offer beta services and feedback,
To post draft fanfictions (naturally, we'd encourage you to post your final version on the EftW site itself ^^),
To notify people of a fanfic update, (although why you'd want to do that if they can simply check the recently updated page for themselves is beyond me...)
To pose questions to the administration regarding the site (inclusive of technical queries),
For the moderator team to notify people of official and technical updates so we don't have to spam your mailbox to death ^^.

Note that only members of the community may post, although anonymous commenting is allowed. That means in order to post, you need a livejournal account. This, however, is completely free.

- Please restrict your topics of discussion to Saiyuki, EftW or writing in general.
- Please don't be obnoxious to other users. No flames, thanks.
- This is not an archive site for your fanfictions. While we do encourage posting of fanfictions for feedback purposes, we'd appreciate it if you archived them on the main site.
- If you wish to post a fiction, please put it under an LJ-cut.
- No posting of large images. If you want to post fanart, put it under a cut or put a link.
- If your fic has been rejected from EftW, you _are_ allowed to post it to this forum for the express purpose of gaining feedback on how to improve. However, if you spam the forum with rejected fanfictions, the mod team will consider banning you. This forum is not meant as an alternative archive site.