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Hi all,

Split-infinity.org expired recently; I've submitted a request for renewal and it should be up shortly. *crosses fingers* In the meantime, don't fret if you can't access EftW! It should still be there.

I hope :D;;;;.

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A very warm welcome to our awesome new mods over at EftW:

a_mael and rroselavy.

We're very happy to have you both aboard, and look forward to working with you! :)
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Owing to difficulties with spam reviews, anonymous reviews on the site have been disabled. Please let me know if this constitutes more trouble than it's worth by dropping me an email, or by commenting here. Apologies for the inconvenience. 
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Just recently I checked my stats over at the site and was surprised to see that I had gotten 200+ spam reviews on one of my stories. I thought that it might be important for the mods to get a heads up about that since it might mean there's a bug or something in the system.
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Hi. New member to the community here ^^ But I've been part of EftW for some time now. I finally managed to get off my lazy ass and join the community. **waves**
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Well, all good things come to an end, I suppose.

I really, really need another co-admin for EftW. I'm still handling the technical aspects and the hosting of the archive, and I don't know of anyone who'd be willing to take that over, but I simply don't have the time or energy left for the entire screening process. Basically, I need someone to give the entire accept/reject decision making over to, someone to determine the policy, get in touch with the mods and recruit more as necessary, that sort of thing. Is anyone interested? I'd hate to pull the plug and close the archive or just turn it into an open one.

Feel free to email me at elvaron at split-infinity.org as well.

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Hi guys!

I'm cleaning out the extra copies I have on my shelf, so I'm putting the following up for sale:

Saiyuki #1 - 9 in Chinese (Enix covers)
Saiyuki #9 in Japanese (Enix cover)

Saiyuki RELOAD #1 - 4 in EITHER Chinese or Japanese (I'm willing to sell one set but not the other)
Saiyuki RELOAD #1 in Japanese (this being an extra copy)

Saiyuki Novel #1 and #2 in Chinese

Each volume is going for US $5 per, discounting shipping (estimated at about US $8 per book to the US by normal air mail).

All copies are in excellent condition. If you need more information about the publisher, I'll be happy to check and look for pictures.

Also, would anyone be interested in Salty Dog #1 and #2 and the REQUIEM movie guide ('Visual Companion)? (In Japanese, of course). Those will be going for a slightly higher asking price, but I'd like to gauge response first.

I accept paypal and credit card via paypal ^^;
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Well, I've gotten several emails on this question, so I guess I'd better address it here!

As you guys know, EftW switched its code last week or so. Several changes occured.

1. Authors vs members
If you click on authors, it defaults to a page that shows people who have at least one fic on the archive ("authors"). In order to see the names of people without fictions, use the drop-down menu to select "All members".

2. My account vs account info
'My account' has been renamed to Account Info. All the revelant links are still there. The only difference is the addition of 'Add a new series' or 'Edit a series'. Serieses are ... as the name implies ... serieses. I believe they act like standard fictions, except that you can allow other authors to add to it. Otherwise, everything remains the same.

Again, I'm still debugging, so if you encounter any problems (like being unable to upload fics, formatting messed up on your fics, etcetc) please email me or drop a comment here! Thanks!
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New moderators announced on the EftW main page. Welcome aboard!
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All moderator applicants (who actually went through part 1 of the application process), you should have received at least one email from me. Please check your mailboxes. With any luck, I'll be able to announce the new team within a day ^^.

Apologies for the delay. I got eaten by grues again.

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